Despatch Industries
Despatch is member of ITW with a world network of certified representatives, has developed since 1902 thermal technology for the most advanced industries in innovative products
Innovation Center
Despatch has developed more than 3,000 innovation projects helping clients in the development of advanced process technologies for the aerospace, energy, electronics and health care industries.
Thermal Technology
Despatch manufactures high-performance ovens that offer precise temperature control and uniformity of air flow with reliable results for applications from simple to complex and high volume.
Despatch helps Industries in their most demanding applications of thermal processes for manufacturing products of the highest quality.
The most recognized worldwide companies for its products use Despatch thermal technology.
Global Service Network (GSN) and Certificates Service Representatives (CSR) are available to support you in your facilities for installation supervision, startup, training, spare parts, retrofits and service.
Installed Base in all the World
For more than 100 years ago Despatch thermal technology has been applied and supported worldwide with successful and lasting results.
Adapted Design to the most Demanding Requirements
The materials most technologically advanced require equipment and processes adapted to achieve the highest quality.
Advanced Solutions
Despatch has developed the most advanced and high quality thermal solutions in the innovative markets such as solar cells and carbon fiber.
Immediate Availability and Manufacturing in Optimal Time
The vast experience and advanced manufacturing process methodologies allow Despatch to provide immediate availability of standard ovens and reduced time of custom and complex.
Inspired Innovation
Lider Control y Automatizacion is certified representative of Despatch in Mexico in its division of Thermal Technology, providing technical and commercial support in the design and sale of equipment and spare parts.


Líder Control y Automatización,
Certified Sales and Service Representative in Mexico


ITW EAE Despatch industrial ovens & furnaces are used by the most innovative industries in the world, including: photovoltaic energy, carbon fiber materials, medical devices, auto parts, aerospace and electronics. Unlike the competition, Despatch success is based on innovation, not repetition. Despatch works closer to customers before and after the sale, to ensure that products and services delivered in furnaces provide the solution that will help drive their businesses forward.

  • Batch Ovens

  • The oven line for processing by batch includes forced convection ovens, steps ovens, inert atmosphere ovens, cleanroom ISO Class 5 with HEPA filtration and Class A ovens. Applications include annealing, drying, sterilization, aging, burn-in, performance test and other critical process.


  • Conveyor Ovens for Continuous Processing

    For high volume and uniformity applications ITW EAE Despatch continuous ovens offer conveyor widths from 46 to 91 centimeters with electric heat or gas.


  • Industrial furnaces

    ITW EAE Despatch offers a variety of solutions in heat treatment convection furnaces and infrared ovens for annealing, drying, hardening and diffusion.

Lider Control y Automatizacion  is sales representative of Despatch in Mexico for equipment and spare parts of the Thermal Technologies division.














                   Líder Control y Automatización, 

ITW EAE Despatch Certified Sales and Service Representative in Mexico