Centorr Vacuum Industries
Since 1954 CVI has introduced many industrial high temperature vacuum furnace solutions for production and R&D.
Large Production Furnaces
For a variety of metals and ceramics processes
High Temperature Continuous Furnaces
For Metals and Ceramics processes from 1300°C to 2500°C.
Vacuum Hot Press Furnaces
Full line of lab and production size for Powder Compaction and Diffusion Bonding.
Workhorse® Metal Hot Zone Furnaces
For a variety of Brazing, Annealing, and Heat Treating applications.
Lab and R&D Furnaces
For a variety of Research & Development Applications in Metal and Ceramic
Custom & Kit Furnaces

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High Temperature Vacuum Furnaces


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Centorr Vacuum Industries is a manufacturer of high temperature vacuum and controlled atmosphere furnaces with an installed base of over 6500 units worldwide. Our furnace offering ranges from large commercial and production units with hot zones over 3m x 3m, to smaller Laboratory and Research & Development furnaces for use at temperatures up to 3500°C. While many of our furnaces are standard designs and sizes, we also offer custom-built equipment specialized to individual customer requirements.




Centorr Vacuum Industries was incorporated upon the combination of two of the premier furnace companies in North America; Centorr Furnaces and  Vacuum Industries, both having long histories in the development and manufacture of thermal processing solutions.

Centorr Vacuum Industries specializes in challenging custom-designed furnace solutions for difficut thermal processes. 

With over 80 years of combined furnace-building experience, we are uniquely suited to offer the perfect equipment for your individual processes, unique furnace sizes, and control requirements.