Industrial IT 

Lider provides automation solutions with both these technologies, such as legacy, researching and developing continuously to adapt to the evolution of Information Technology (IT) and communications, providing Cost Effective Solutions for Industrial Applications, Commercial and Domestic.

We develop engineering applications Telemetry, M2M (Machine to Machine) IoT (Internet of Things) Monitoring systems, Control and Automatic Data Logging (Local / Remote) in Real-Time, in centralized Control in Rooms and / or distributed, Internet Cloud IaaS-SaaS (Software as a Service - Infrastructure as a Service) providing connectivity everywhere and safely using the most sophisticated methods of encryption through media like radio frequency modems, or phone via GSM / GPRS, satellite or the site connected by Ethernet or WiFi, or a combination of all previous, to improve the interaction between people and their assets by providing social networks (Facebook, Twitter) on their smartphones , tablets and PCs that include the most common operating system (Win, Linux, iOS, Android) wherever they are to proper and timely decision-making:


  1. Safety and Personal Tracking and Asset
  2. Supervision and Monitoring Alarms
  3. Automatic Vending Machines Products
  4. Pumping Stations
  5. Building and Real Estate Assets
  6. Environmental Stations
  7. Variables (Temperature, Level, Flow, turbidity, etc.) Sea, Rivers, Lakes, ponds, sumps
  8. Pipelines Oil, Gas and / or Water
  9. Corrosion Protection
  10. Control Valves
  11. Wells of Oil, Gas and / or Water
  12. Energy Saving Motors, HVAC, Heat Exchangers, Cooling
  13. Lighting of Streets and Avenues
  14. Variables like Remote Services Asset Levels, Temperatures, Leaks
  15. Measurement and Protection Equipment for Electrical Substations
  16. Automatic Machine Rooms (no staff)
  17. Applications for Remote Control Rooms
  18. Automation Systems with PLCs, DCS, and RTUs
  19. Access Control Systems for GSM / GPRS, etc.
  20. Urban Furniture like Big Screen, Announcements Spectacular, Stops, Fountains, etc.
  21. Gardens Vertical and Horizontal for Hydroponics and Ornament.
  22. Motor Vehicles (Trucking, Personal, Self-Guided)
  23. Domestic Appliances (Stove, Washer, Blinds, Boiler, HVAC, Pool, etc.)