It is the only viable level 4-5 traceability solution to centrally manage the regulatory obligations of the pharmaceutical industry and provide the CMO’s (Manufacturing Contractor Organizations) the possibility to take advantage of the large amount of data generated of the large amount of data generated during the serialization and the tracking processes


  • Generates o imports the serial number according to regulatory requirements (Mexico, USA, Europe, South Korea, China, Brasil, etc.).
  • Create a unique serial number for all levels of your packaging line (Boxes, pallets, etc.).


  • Manages the exchange of information with security between sites, suppliers and customers (internal sites, CMO’s, supply chain, etc.).
  • Assign serial numbers, depending on the type of product and legislation/market throgh all yor sites.
  • Exchange information securely in compliance with standars such as the GS1 EPCIS.


  • Collect serialization data securely from other sites (level 3), even if they are not equipped with an Adents serialization solution.
  • Collect data generated at any level of the supply chain where the serial code is scanned.


  • Assign date/time to your data.
  • control and format data in compliance with data security regulations.
  • Archive and identify your data.



  • Exchange data safely with authorities and other data repositories.
  • Record your exchanges.


The Most Powerful and Reliable Software Solution for Serialization and Traceability

The centralized configuration at the site level guarantees unparalleled flexiblity that facilitates changes and compliance with the new regulatory requirements and allows you to quickly take into account specific customer requests or new types of packaging. Therefore, it remains reactive and under control, reducing the impact on the productivity of its lines.




  • Installed in a central server at plant level, it allows you to configure all your conditioning lines and all the parameters of the serialization from the central point according to the regulatory requirements.
  • Easily integrates with your ERP and MES to support multiple work orders through a centralized SQL database, taking into account the list of the different elements and production parameters for each them.

Principal functions:

  • Configuration of all the conditioning lines and devices in your site.
  • General configuration of your software solution.
  • Configuration of the interface between Adents Supervisor/Adents Pilot and external applications ((ERP, MES Level 4) via protocols.
  • Configuration and generation of serialization codes according to regulatory requirements.
  • Configuration of multilevel aggreagation processes.
  • Editing variables
  • Import and management of production data (production order, customer, article)
  • Total management of printing templates.
  • Import and export of serial codes.
  • Visualization and modification of production data.
  • Detailed serialization reports
  • Access and control of licenses
  • Site-level audits
  • User profile and access management




  • It manages the marking and control of unit level codes in the production line and ensures the accurate transmission of information to the rest of your line equipment to ensure correct serialization.
  • You can manage post-production modifications, such as the des and the restoration of unit codes, either directly on the line or in a logistics area.

Principal Functions

  • Production board for each line
  • Synchronization with Adents Supervisor
  • Cálculation of variables
  • Reading and recovery of data dialing
  • Identification and unique control
  • Terminal/PLC Interface
  • Terminal/Device Interface
  • Management of multilevel aggregation
  • Multiplexed Palletizing
  • Reprocessing articles
  • Access control at line level
  • Line level audit
  • Generation of code line level


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