Odoo ERP Business Managment Software - All in one

Líder, since 1993, integrates solutions with the State of the Art of Technology, putting at your disposal our experience and ideas, in synergy with your mission, vision and business values to successfully achieve your goals and strategies.

Líder Control y Automatización help your organization to:

  • Apply smart technologies to serve people, improve processes and optimize their products, strengthening their future with innovation.
  • Reduce the rising costs of energy and raw materials by modernizing their productive infrastructure with technological solutions that help make their operations cleaner, safer and more efficient.
  • Increase the AVailability of your Assets, Improve the performance of your Operations and Increase the Quality of your Products, measuring and counting all your actions, analyzing the data of your productivity, proposing and implementing the technological solutions with the best Total Cost of Ownership.
  • Optimize your investments with the best Return on Invesment in Automation through the application of technology with interoperable, scalable, modular and flexible architecture, built for continuous improvement.
  • Modernize the information technology infrastructure to provide Key Performance Indicators in Real Time that allows decision makers to act on practical knowledge bases to improve the performance of their operations and use of their production assets.

Líder develops solutions in information technologies bases on international standars such as the ISA95 (Enterprise-Control System Integration) for the bidirectional flow of information from the floor of the plant (OCS), managing the operations with the Manufacturing Execution System (MES), and receiving the business directives and informing the ERP, through the following technological systems:

  1. OCS (Operational & Control System): PLC's/PAC´s/DCS/DataLoggers/RTU’s-M2M-IIoT Telemetry/Robotics/Intelligent Instrumention.
  2. MES-SCADA (OEE-DT/Andon/Track&Trace-Serialization/Recipe/Changeover/SPC/Scheduling/WIP).
  3. ERP (Odoo)


Being a member of the CSIA (Control System Integrators Association), allows us to apply the Best Business Practices for the management of 9 areas: General Administration, Human Resources, Business Development-Marketing-Sales, Finance, Projects, Cycle Methodology Life, Support, Quality Assurance and Service. We offer this knowlege and experince to our clients, through our technical development and consulting services for the successful implementation of the Odoo functional modules.


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