Keseco developed Ultra, the main electric current optimization system that compensates for the energy normally lost in AC systems without lowering the tension. The main reactions within the ULTRA occur within its coating ceramic, with the ULTRA compound and the presence of the Alterna Magnetic Field (AMF) that accompanies any Alternating Current system. A Far Infrared Ray that is emitted from the coating ceramic activates the electrons in the ULTRA compound through the Resonance Absorption. A Magnetic Interaction occurs between the activated electrons of the ULTRA compound and the AMF. This magnetic interaction generates magnetic wave energy and supplies them to the Alternating Current circuit.

The ULTRA of Keseco applies to inductive loads (AC motors) with% Load> 70%, as well as, resistive loads (lamps).


  1. Power Saving Solutions: World First Current Improvement System​

ULTRA is World first Current Improvement System without voltage reduction.

  1. Excellent Power Saving Performance: Average 8% saving

ULTRA provides average 8% energy saving Pased on 70% Load Factor.

  • L Load (Air Conditioner, Refrigerator, Motor) : more than 11% Saving
  • R Load (related with Lighting) : Intensity of Illumination is increased up to 3%
  • L+R Complex Load : more than 8%(more than 60% of inductive load / 70% load factor)
  1. Easy Installation: Pararllel Installation

ULTRA is installed within only 1 hour through Parallel installation.

  1. Superior Safety: Acquisition of Renowned Safety Certificates

ULTRA has acquired a lot of famous safety certificates such as CE, UL, CMA certificates.

  1. Eco Friendly: Reduction of C02

ULTRA contributes to the environment by means of reducing C02.

  1. New Revolutionary Technology: Cutting-edge Invention of KESECO

ULTRA is the core technology of KESECO as the inventor of this cutting-edge technology.

  1. Super Slim Size

ULTRA is free from the limitation of installation space : UC-100(100KVA, 220x300x800mm)

  1. Outstanding Return On Investment

ULTRA doesn't need to take a long period for Return On Investment (Average 15~24 monthes)

Keseco ULTRA


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