Applicable to All Commercial and Industrial Cooling System
We save on cooling systems of any complexity, size and safety
Water coolers Cooling systems
In installations with large energy consumption for cooling fluid in any type of range, we have a configurable modular solution
Air Conditioning Systems HVAC Type Roof Top (roof)
We reduce the electrical consumption without any impact on the temperature and controlled humidity of the area served by the equipment
Safe, Clean and Fast Installation
The installation of the saving equipment is executed in hours with the minimum interference of the service
Verification of Energy Consumption
We develop a study without cost of the energy expenditure to calculate the Economic Savings and Environmental Impacts
HVAC systems for individual applications
We save on Low Tonnage Cooling Systems with Simple Equipment but with a Patented Intelligent Algorithm
Applicable to Single or Dual Compressor Systems
Standardized Common Equipment for Single or Dual Compressor Applications that reduce the Spare Parts Lot to a single type of Saver
A Large Energy Consumption, Big Savings
The more you have an over-capacity of cooling systems, the greater the opportunity to save
Cooling for Commercial and Industrial HVAC-R Refrigeration
Smartcool has implemented more than 35,000 installations worldwide in the most diverse cooling applications
Applicable for the cooling of the most diverse industries
The patented technology applies to any compressor cooling system
Safe and Reliable System that Protects your Products and Assets
In the most demanding applications of availability and security, Smartcool has gained the trust of users through successful installations referenced

I. Solutions to Improve Energy Efficiency of the Cooling Systems

Smartcool provides an innovative energy efficiency and cost reduction solutions for businesses worldwide.

1. With solutions adapted to the needs of each client, Smartcool offers the following benefits:

• Direct reduction of power consumption and improved energy efficiency for all cooling systems, air conditioning and refrigeration

• Reduced operating costs and maintenance of facilities

• Reduced environmental impact and support green initiatives

• Financial products such as green bonds and credit incentives from the government

2. Solutions of Smartcool are risk free.

• Compatible with all existing controls and equipment

• Maintains the parameters of temperature and humidity

• Quick installation with minimal downtime or zero

• Verifiable Savings

II. Start Saving Energy Today

Smartcool  provide you an Energy Check of your cooling systems for air conditioning and refrigeration, without cost or obligation.

The International Energy consumption is projected to increase to 50% by 2030. Energy costs and emissions of greenhouse gases continue to rise.

Energy efficiency can help stop these increases occurring environmental and financial benefits.

Can you afford not to act?

Smartcool  Verification of Energy identifies where we can achieve energy savings in their facilities and the period of return on investment.

Verification of Energy is the first step to becoming one of the thousands of organizations worldwide that Smartcool has helped save money by being more energy efficient

III. The energy-saving steps Smartcool are:

• Verification of Energy

• Proposal to Save Energy

• Installation

• The financial and energy savings begin immediately

IV. The Cooling Challenge  

Even with the most modern and efficient equipment controls, Smartcool saves energy.

In Systems Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC-R), compressors consume about 70% of all energy used by the system.

1. Conventional control of HVAC-R equipment:

• Naturally the temperature varies with the cooling cycle according to load changes and control for the system and boot control

This creates a "band" of control. At the top of the "band", the system operates at maximum efficiency.

• As the temperature in the controlled space (office, refrigerator, so on) is cooled, the system's ability to continue to remove the heat, decreases drastically.

• At the bottom of the "band", the system uses nearly twice as much energy and time for each degree of cooling.

Smartcool reduces consumption (kWh) and demand (kW) electric air conditioners and cooling systems, improving the performance of compressors, keeping control of temperature and humidity.

V. Adaptive Energy Efficiency Systems

Smartcool technology continuously monitoring the compressor cycles to identify opportunities for energy savings.

The ECO³ ™ or ESM ™ are installed between the main controller and the compressor in the HVAC-R customer.

How savings are achieved, depending on the nature of the client computers.

1. Optimization of Cycle:

Smartcool technology dynamically adjusts the length of each cooling cycle in order to help the compressor run more often within the band of most efficient suction pressure.

This solution is used by thousands of integrated systems for air conditioning and refrigeration equipment worldwide.

2. Modulation of Load:

Smartcool technology works within existing control methods for modulating the load for periods of time during the cooling cycle.

This solution is used by thousands of online cooling systems worldwide.

With either solution (ECO³ ™ or ESM ™) technology is disabled automatically, when is necessary to prevent over-cycles or increased temperature. Smartcool solutions do not affect existing manufacturers warranties HVAC-R.

VI. Proven Results

Smartcool solutions to energy efficiency have been adopted by some companies, most prominent in the world through a broad range of industries.

These are just some examples of project results Smartcool energy efficiency achieved for customers with different needs and refrigeration equipment.


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