Energy Saving for AC Motors Fixed Speed
We save Energy by reducing the Electric Consumption of Induction Motors type Synchronous, Asynchronous, Sliding Rings, with brake (Demag), Dual Speed (Dahlander)
We control the Energy Saving Power
The Envirostart Power Controller instantaneously matches (<12μs) the motor torque as demanded by the load.
Robust, Safe and Reliable System
Complete Protection controlling the Start and Soft Stop, the Power, the Torque, Locked Rotor Overcurrent and Phase Loss.
Protects All Facilities Infrastructure
Reduces mechanical stress and vibration, especially ram hammer in hydraulic systems.
Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
Extends the Life of the Motors reducing the wear in the insulation of the windings by heating the motor by the function of Start and Soft Stop
Benefits in Maintenance
Less use of belts, chains, pulleys, reducers, there are no electromechanical parts of contactors, the cooler engine works, and greater intervals between maintenance
Various Applications in Commercial and Industrial Installations
Electric Ladders, Conveyors, Air and Refrigeration Compressors, Hydraulic Systems (Plastic Injection), Mixers. Presses, Air Handlers.
Applied technology in many countries around the world
Since 1980, Envirostart has modernized the Power Control technology saving energy in many countries and in the most demanding applications
We develop the Energy Saving Solution from the Design, Installation, Integration, Testing, Start-up and Technical After-Sales Support


Envirostart (European EMS) is the leading British manufacturer of motor controllers fixed speed and power control systems, especially for power consumption applications in the industrial, commercial, retail and leisure sectors. Avoiding complications and sensitivity of variable speed drives, Evirostart focuses on:

Motor Energy Controls-  Working with any single or three phase motor, the motor power control, EnviroStart at the same time maintaining the synchronous speed of the motor, providing energy savings of up to 40% in single-phase applications and usually 15% in three phase applications.

Start smoothly Systems- Designed for any system of three-phase motors, these units provide controlled starting and stopping ramps that reduce stress on transmission systems, available for both single-phase and three-phase applications.

Systems Power Factor Correction- Reactive power compensation more Systems precise, it has standard units available in sizes 50kVAr to 400kvar and 208V to 690V.

Recently released are the EnviroCab products that provide low-level compensation systems to 50kVAr 10kVAr. (Individual Elements of local FP correction, are also available, as well as replacement Capacitors for FP).

Intelligent Control Systems Single Phase- This intelligent control system offers energy savings in two levels, the engine management and the management of the operation scheduling, time and date.

Low cost but a sophisticated control, Enviro +, typically provides 35% savings in AC applications of air conditioning, pumping, and refrigeration



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