- Nondestructive testing fot security parts in transportation industry


Defects in the manufacture of all safety parts are not always visible, soa control system capable of detecting and rejecting them in the shortest possible time is required.



AFENsis y Líder Control implement in their production lines the system for acoustic resonance of detection and rejection of defects, such as:

Moreover, failures as:


•Structural changes
•Material changes
•Nodularity changes
•Material inclusions
•Loss machining operations


•Mass changes
Out-of-tolerance dimensions
Variations in hardness or density
•Thermal treatment changes

AFENsis - Defect Detection & Rejection System for Acoustic Resonance


Sistem Versions

  • LAB (Portable/Laboratory).

The portable system carries all necessary elements to perform the test.  This represents a portable solution to test a wide variety of components, making it ideal for lab analysis and field batch tests.

  • SEA (Semi-automatic)

Placing/removing the component is performed manually by the operator or manipulator and the rest of the test is automatic, it does not require human interpretation other than visualizing screen results or light display.

  • AUT (Automatic)

The automatic system is linked to the production line with two output channels, providing 100% component inspection, which makes it ideal for high volume applications.


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