Energy saving
We provide technology solutions proven to save energy and help reduce our impact on the environment.
Improvement of Productivity
Through Lean Production Methods and Information Technology, we help companies improve their Productive Performance
We modernize your Productive Infrastructure through the use of the Art State of Technology to make companies more competitive.
Industrial Information Technologies
SCADA, HMI, MES, OEE DT, Andon, WMS, WIP, EPR, BMS, EBR, IoT, SaaS, GPRS, SMS, OPC, Ethernet, Modbus, DNP3, IEC61850, CNT, DNT, PF, FB, RTU, WiFi, RFM, ISA 95,.....
Energy Savings
  • Reduction in the consumption of electricity, gas and water.

Productivity improvement

  • Quality, Availability, Performance (OEE Downtime), MO.

Reducing Operating Cost

  • Automation, Robotics, Instrumentation.

Information of all Trades in Real Time

  • Web, Cloud, Communications, SCADA, HMI, RTU.

Risk Control and Safety Improvement

  • Standardized Methodology for Project Management.