Automatización de Procesos por Lote

Discover how Novus replaces conventional controllers with many technological advantages by combining extreme simplicity of operation with high precision digital instrumentation.

For Temperature and Universal Variables.

The different models have some of the following characteristics:

·Models with a relay output and a pulse output, necessary for the performance of diverse processes.

·PID Control Models with Auto-tune.

·Models with Universal Input. Accept different Temperature, I, V and Frequency sensors

·Protection of the configuration.

·Indication on °C and °F

·Removable circuit on the front, without the need to undo the wiring.

· All the configuration of the controller is done through the keyboard.

We have a large inventory of all products in Mexico

We can help you meet your needs in different applications, such as:

·Termal Precess
·High Precision Thermostas
·Control of servo-motorized valves , servo-actuators and dampers by means of two relays with proportinal times.
·Distributed systems of control of complex processes in the network with PLCs o conected to Supervision Software