Automation in Water Applications

  • Well, sumps, Rivers, Lakes, Re-Pumping and Distribution.
  • Water Treatment Plants (Public and Private).
  • SCADA, Alarms, Trends, Reporting, History Management, Services for Web, Mobile, Radio.
  • Telemetry Stations (RTU's, RFModems, Solar Energy)
  • Health Systems and Lines Download
  • Package Plants and Water Treatment Equipment
  • Water for Manufacturing Systems (Conventional and Critical Services Services) Distilled. to Steam Clean, Raw

Water for Pharmaceutical Processes: 

  • Potable (Chlorinated)
  • Water Softened
  • Purified Water USP WP, 1 step Osmosis
  • Demineralized water FEUM
  • Water for Injection (WFI), Reverse Osmosis and Distillation