Automation and Control of the Conversion from TG to CC for the Plants Package of the "CFE CC San Lorenzo" (Project No. 7096/10).

Treatment of raw water to produce quality water (polished water) and sufficient quantity to supply the services required for the plant capacitors using a redundant PAC - CLX (AB), Redundant CNT Communications to Remote I / Os, SCADA RSView32, communication redundant by Ethernet to the DCS, as well as, the electrical work of Control, Force, Illumination and Instrumentation.


  FarmaQro (Grupo Zerboni)      

Remodeling and Automation of the FinnAqua 1500-HS Distiller for the generation of injectable water WFI, with PLC S7300 (Siemens), SCADA InTouch, InSql, Active Factory, Application Server (Wonderware), Motor Control by Profibus-DP to the CCM with services of Calibration, electrical work for control, instrumentation.


Optical Artificial Vision Inspection System of External Diameter of "Tuboplus" Sanitary Pipe, in real time with alarm output for warning (audible and visible) and failure alarm in product "Outside Tolerance of External Diameter" of the tube.

Using an IEEE 1394a Guppy Camera with 2592 x 1944 resolution and PC Industrial Touch Panel with the Sherlock Vision Software, where the product failure data is monitored and stored.


   Susteinable Development Systems
Automation of the Reverse Osmosis Demineralizer Type Amberpack of C.F.E. Altamira Tam. With, PLC-5, KTXD and RSView 32


  KOSA, S.A. de C.V.      

Automation of Celanece Anionic Demineralizer Qro. With PV550, SLC-500 5/04, and RS-232 Communication ASCII to a Phosphor, Conductivity and Concentration Analyzer Mod. Solocube by Fisher Rosemount.


  Constructora Terminal Sor Juana Tlalnepantla     

  1. Modernization of SCADA migration from RSView32 to FTViewSE Server plus 1 clients of 25 screens, with an SLC500 5/05 for a Municipal Water Treatment Plant (OPDM in Tlalnepantla, State of Mexico.
  2. Technical Support Services for the SLC500 5/05 CPU correcting process routines logic.