Metallic and Cans

       Zapata Envases, S.A de C.V.

  1. Automation of 6 Lines to Synchronize in speed and position the AC motors for can sheet conveying into varnish baked - Oven with SLC-500, Allen Bradley Drives, Encoders LCyA 845F and PID at Mazatlan and Cuautitlan Plant.
  1. Automation of oven with 2 Combustion Zones Oven for bucket painted, with SLC-500, PanelView 550 and Thermocouple Module.
  1. Ultraviolet Oven Control with SLC-500, and PanelView 550 Thermocouple Module, Solid State Starters Semikron.
  1. Rutherford photolytic machine, with SLC-500, DTAM Micro and Stepper Modules.
  1. Control of 2 Ovens Combustion with 7 Zones for Lithographic lines, with SLC-500, Thermocouple modules, PanelView 550 and printing serial port.

  Ingeniería y Construcciones Electromecánicas y Civiles.       


Can Conveyor Control System to Paint.
Supply and Integration of Can Transportation and Accumulation System to Paint with Rockwell Automation PLC CompactLogix 1000 for 14 motors with FVNR  starters and PowerFlex variable speed drive at Tultitlán Plant. 


  Mexicana de Envases, S.A.       

  1. Synchronization of Lithographic No.6, with SCL-500, 1336 Drives, Encoders 845F and 2 PID developed by Cards LCyA.
  2. Synchronization of Lithographic No. 7, with SLC-500, 845F and Drives Encoders PID 1336 LCyA. 


Envases Ensenada, S.A. de C.V.

  1. Synchronization of Lithographic No.3 for varnish and Oven, using SLC-500, DeviceNet PowerFlex Drives, Encoders 845F. 
  2. Oven Control of Painted Buckets with 3 combustion zones, using SLC-500, Thermocouple Module and PanelView 550.


Industria Metálica del Envase, S.A. de C.V.

  1. Oven Control of Painted Buckets with 3 combustion Zones, using SLC-500, Thermocouple Module, PanelView 550.
  2. Synchronization  of Lithographic No.2, using SLC-500, 1336 Drives, Encoders 845F and 3 LCyA PID Cards


  Crown Cork de México, S.A. de C.V.      

2 Lithographic Presses Synchronization with 2 Ultraviolet Light Ovens using PLC SLC-500, 160 and 1336Plus Drives, Encoders 845F and 2 LCyA PID Cards.

 Distribuidora de Aceros Estructurales, S.A.

​2 Cutting Press Automation with SLC-150.

 Fabricación de Herramientas Técnicas, S.A. de C.V. 

  1. Punch press with MicroLogix 1000.
  2. Separate press release with MicroLogix 1000.
  3. BTM presses with MicroLogix 1000.

Zapata Hermanos, S.A. de C.V. 

Automation of Spray Bottle Caps Presses with MicroLogix 1500 and 10000 series Optical Sensors with diagnostics.