Metal and Mining



Natural Gas Savings System for 5 Aluminum smelter oven.

Supply and integration of O2 and CO gases analyzer to determine the optimal rate of control loops that calculate the mix of air/fuel ratio resulting in better fuel efficiency natural gas of 5 furnaces. Savings estimated at over 6% per year on fuel.




Modernization of CO Measurement System for Combustion of Copper Raw Material Furnace in Celaya, Gto. plant.

Design, Supply, Installation, programming and testing of % CO measuring system, sampling and combustion at 1100°C on 33 Nat Gas burners with a Siemens Ultramat 23 digital analyzer, μLogix1000 (AB) PLC and a Lindberg gases burning furnace of vertical tubes. Communicating a μLogix1000 to a PLC5/40 AB.



  (PEASA) Productos Especializados de Acero, S.A.       

Automation of Furnace with PlantScape, Burner Control RM7840, Fuel Air Ratio R7999, Expanded Anunciator S7830, and Universal Digital Controller UDC 1000 in S.L.P.