Material Handling

 Safmex, S.A. de C.V.

System of Stowage of Food Product Boxes

A Platform Dispenser (SpecialityEquipment), a Palletizer Robot (FanucRoboticsR-2000iB / 100H), is supplied for 5 different presentations of cardboard boxes with weights of 9K to 25 Kg at a speed of 10 boxes per minute with separator sheet between beds. PLC AB CpLxy HMI PV600 in Ethernet network controlling and commanding the pallet traffic between the equipment.


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   Janel, S.A. de C.V.            
Signal Assambling Cell Memotips. 

Design and construction of a Memotips paper signal assembly cell in PVC portfolio with a Robot for P & P (Pick & Place) model Fanuc Robotics LR Mate200iD4SH 4-axis to maintain production with 2 operators what they do now 5. The control operation is carried out with a PLC 850 AB and HMI HMIPV400 Compact, controlling 6 Allied Motion motors with their respective servo drives via Ethernet.


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Migration from a PLC SLC500 to Compact Logix and its HMI PV600 to PV600P.

Migration of a PLC for a Robotic Cell for a bottle palletizing process.


Robot Fanuc Palletizer.


Implementation of robot palletizer, emplayadora and dispenser tarímas for five different presentations of boxes with a maximum weight of 35 KG.


   Kimberly Clark de México, S.A. de C.V.          

Automation of Motors Conveyor Belt System, Scanners DUN 14 barcode readers for delivery of boxes in 16 assortment platforms. With PLC ControlLogix, Sensors and Turrets in DeviceNet, SCADA RSView32, RSHistorian for Events and Alarms Report. Communication via Ethernet for data exchange with PLC SLC-5/05.



   Milano, S.A. de C.V.           

Control and Automation for the Addition of Conveyors to Sorter of Milano to be with 22 outputs, with PLC SLC 500, SCADA RSView32, RSSQL, Alarms. Communication in DeviceNet with the PLC of the Current System.