Ensure the Quality of your Products using Artificial Vision Inspection Systems
Low cost integration adapted to your application

Systems Validated according to NOM059/CFR21 part 11

Case of Success:

Quality Inspection System for Transparent Gel Capsules for Blinding Machines.

An artificial vision system was used that contains the following equipment:

· An intelligent camera of inspection CCD ¼ "of 640 x 480 color pixels.

· An interface for the HMI operator, in which the blister that is being inspected is displayed, as well as the recipe change.

· Communication to the PLC of the machine to synchronize the rejection of the blister that has been detected with some anomaly, alarmed and registered in a database.

· More than 50 recipes were developed for different products (Sizes, Forms, Colors).
Validated according to the cGMP's

The system is able to detect the following characteristics in the tablets:

· Detection of Missing or Leftover

· Break Detection

· Tablets of another shape and color different from the one selected

The system has the capacity to perform statistical production control by blister (accepted blister, rejected and total production)





· Increase in Quality, since the inspection system fed back to the machine faults that cause errors in the product for further correction.

· Savings in re-processes due to the reduction of batch rejections by customers.

· Increase of Production, because it did not require more investment of time and operators to review the product.

· An old blister machine was modernized and the purchase of a new one was avoided at a high cost.