Metrology (Weight)  


We handle test equipment with masses or standard weights.

The Mass Metrology Laboratory aims to provide the calibration service under the guidelines established in the standards:

NOM-010-SCFI-1994, for Weighing Instruments:

  • Capabilities Scope (From 1mg to 120,000kg):

o Low

o Medium

o High

OIML - International Organization of Legal Metrology

o Accuracy

I. Automatic

II. Fine

III. Medium

IV. Ordinary

NOM-038-SCFI-2000, Laboratory Weights:

  • Scoope Capabilities (Standard Weights):

o 5 kg

o 10 kg

o 20 kg

  • Accuracy Weights (Class according to the OIML)

o E1

o E2

o F1

o M1

o M2

o M3