Quemadores a Gas (NG-LP-Propano)

           Ahorradores de Energía

Quemadores de Fibra Métalica

La nueva generación de quemadores para el proceso de calentamiento





  • Max. Power Input 100kW
  • Heating Area (mm) 150 x 150
  • High turndown ratio
  • Anti-Vibration
  • Low NOx and CO


​  MFB150-EB

  • Easy to install
  • Smooth translation between High/Low firing mode
  • Performance curve inside




  • Force draft designed
  • 4-20mA control signal 
  • Pulse width modulator designed by PP Systems
  • Constant Air:Gas ratio




Gas Train

  • High/Low Operation.
  • Port Size 1/4"
  • IP65 Rating



Pilot Ignition System

  • Most reliable for burner ignition
  • Custom design igniter & flame sensor
  • Spark and flame detect functioned by pulse ignition control box





Control System

  • High/Low mode
  • Industrial grade components
  • Simple installation
  • Control module can be customized design to meet any process requirements





  • Agriculture
  • Food & Baverage
  • Air/Tank Heating
  • Special Process